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Artwork by Air Daryal

Oil and mixed technique on canvas 



In the artwork dedicated to the majestic Punta della Dogana in Venice, the artist Air Daryal reveals a profound understanding of the soul and history of this lagoon city, steeped in culture and beauty.
Her creation is a visual epiphany of shapes and colors, a visual ode to the duality of Venice, unfolding between the abstract and the figurative, tradition, and modernity.

Daryal's distinctive technique is eloquently manifested in his stripes that dance on the canvas, like waves of the lagoon caressing the past and the present.
The color flows seem to echo the influence of water on this extraordinary city, while the incisions reveal an intimate dialogue between the artist and his subject. Her work is a harmonious synthesis of iconic and abstract elements that invite us to contemplate the very essence of Venice.



Venice - Sold

  • Opera archiviata e provvista di certificato di autenticità fornito dall'artista

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